Piscine Acquasport: The World of Water

Piscine Acquasport Service srl is the leading company in the field of swimming pools in central Italy and beyond.

For nearly thirty years, we have been enthusiastically dealing with pool construction, maintenance, technical assistance and water treatment. Always innovative and professional, our company was among the first in the industry to believe in a change in mentality that saw pools as simply a luxury for a select few.

Technological progress and constant research of advanced construction systems and materials has made it possible for Piscine Acquasport to offer customers a wide range of solutions able to fulfil the dream of a corner of blue right in your own backyard!

Experience gained in Italy has led the company to export skills and qualities acquired across the border, internationalising its vision of the market, considering the world as a source of new things to discover and innovations to develop. Piscine Acquasport has been working in Latin America and the Caribbean for many years in fact, where it is known for its reliability and expertise established over time.

The other heart of Acquasport production lies in the wellness sector, or rather Acquaspaking. All the experience gained in the swimming pool industry has been made available to wellness. Spas, whirlpools, steam rooms, saunas, and all your relaxation and wellness needs are on display in our large showroom in Perugia.