Swimming pool covers are useful, at times indispensable accessories. Many types of covers exist to meet the varying needs of all customers. Covers are the ideal solution for extending pool season, to reduce operating costs and to ensure the safety of children and pets.

When used in combination with heat pumps or boilers, the season of use of your pool is considerably extended and water temperature becomes pleasant even on cool spring and autumn days.

Covering your pool means reducing water evaporation, decreasing heat dispersion, and limiting insects, leaves and dirt from entering into the pool. And that’s not all.

Use of a cover allows you to reduce chemical product consumption. Treated water does not evaporate and the oxidizing power of chlorine is not lost.
Covers can be included already in the design phase, but can also be adapted to existing pools, both internal and external.

Different types of covers exist, distinguished by function, costs, and features.