Hydromassage and hydrotherapy.

Water as care and an active element of treatment which improves health and quality of life through heat, massage, and the pressure that it exerts on the body.

A bath in hot water raises the body temperature and reduces muscular tension. It greatly facilitates the production of endorphins and stimulates circulation.

The body afloat lightens tension exerted on the bone structure, joints and ligaments.

The air and water pressure exiting from the many jets gently massages the traditional critical points of tension, cervical and lumbar, neck, shoulders and back muscles.

Acquaspaking whirlpools are equipped with numerous adjustable whirlpool jets and, especially, many micro-jets that produce tiny bubbles needed to strengthen the therapeutic effect and make the session more relaxing and invigorating.

Water is heated by means of a heat exchanger and energy saving is guaranteed by a polyurethane foam insulation with insulating power that lines the fibreglass shell and the isotherm cover.

The filtration system is composed of a skimmer, cartridge filters and an ozonator. Maintenance is easy and fast.

Last but not least, spa lighting is made possible by various size and shape LED lights positioned on the water level, at the bottom of the tub and near jets.

Low consumption chromotherapy to create the right atmosphere.