Swimming pool construction in Perugia and central Italy

Steel panel swimming pools are a solution that combines the robustness of reinforced concrete with the versatility of pre-fabrication.

The modular galvanized steel elements are used to form the side walls, while the bottom is made with reinforced concrete with electro welded mesh. Lights, nozzles, skimmers and all requested accessories are then fitted. The filtration system and necessary hydraulic connections are set up and, finally, the structure is covered and sealed with a PVC tarp reinforced with Trevira.

Fast, light, and elastic.

Any shape and size swimming pools can be constructed using this technology and, above all, they can be customised with ladders and steps built into walls, whirlpool peninsulas, diving boards, lighting and diving zones.

The desire for a swimming pool can be satisfied with an excellent value for money and construction times are usually minimal.
Piscine Acquasport has proven the value of this type of construction over time and has ascertained its reliability and ability to adapt to diverse situations.