Keeping an old, shabby pool is very expensive, wasting time and money. It requires more maintenance than necessary, is not very practical because of its high energy consumption and leaking pipes and, last but not least, is not very pleasant to look at. It therefore requires more maintenance than necessary.

Renovating your swimming pool to improve its appearance and improve its performance is often less challenging and complicated than you might think.

Firstly, consider all the interventions that improve the efficiency of the pool, from low consumption LED lights to quieter and less “energivorous” pumps, from heating to water treatment by means of lapping dosing units.

Replacement of the inner lining makes the pool practically new again, halts any infiltrations or leaks and, given the wide range of offers and colours to choose from, gives your pool a renewed, original appearance.

Piscine Acquasport is the only company in Italy that definitively solves the problem of surface strips of grease and dirt that form at the water level. The Greek glass ceramic decorative mosaic applied with the cutting-edge technology patented by the company eliminates this unsightly problem and enriches the structure of your pool in a unique way.